Postprocessor Development Adaptation

Autodesk Fusion post processor individually programmed by FZO

Milling on geometries and not on STL-Files: improved precision

CNC-Milling Code

Way on geometry:

G2 X1 Y0 I0 J0   // make a clockwise circular way to X=1 and Y=0 around X=0 and Y=0

Way on STL-file:

G1 X0,195 Y0,981   // go to X=sin(11,25°), Y=cos(11,25°)
G1 X0,383 Y0,924   // go to X=sin(22,50°), Y=cos(22,50°)
G1 X0,556 Y0,837   // ...
G1 X0,707 Y0,707
G1 X0,837 Y0,556
G1 X0,924 Y0,383
G1 X0,981 Y0,195
G1 X0,000 Y0,000